Android Tablets Under $200 for Beginners

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androidFor many the idea of using a tablet PC was probably once a distance dream or something straight out of a science fiction movie. Moving forward to modern times we are now bombarded with tablets from all angles, a far cry from their initial conception by popular Sci-fi authors and movies such as ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. More recently tablets have taken a huge fall in price to the point where they are now available for under $200 or less.

What is ‘Android’? 

If you don’t know what Android is yet then don’t feel bad – everyone has to start somewhere. Android isn’t some kind of robot as the name entailed, though it comes close. Android is Google’s flagship mobile operating system which they forked from a previous company as far back as 2004 and released to the public in 2007. It is a direct competitor to Apples iOS, the operating system powering Apple’s range of iPhones and iPads.

Why Android?

Well, because there aren’t any decent alternatives that aren’t going to cost you an arm or a leg.  All of Apples products start well above the $200 mark, and Windows 8 is simply not a fully fledged mobile operating system, working better with convertible tablet hybrids rather than going for the standard tablet experience. This is both good and bad as there is a lack of competition, but on the plus side the speed at which Android has improved over the years and dominated the tablet market is nothing short of remarkable.

Brands to Lookout For

The following are a list of some of the best tablet brands out there with a few leading tabelt names thrown in for good measure:

A word of warning: the since the tablet market has boomed there have been a number of cheap imitations released, especially in the budget tablet market. I would recommend sticking with leading brands as far as possible, and if you really need to take a chance, then make sure you drill the research beforehand to make sure that you aren’t in for a nasty surprise! For more information see TabletNinja’s recent review guide to tablets under $200 that could help save you a ton of time.

Windows 8 Tablets Under $200

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win8logoTablets that currently run the Windows 8 software are currently extremely popular, thanks to their ability of being able to run desktop applications, including games, music and other forms of media. These tablets can also be used to create professional documents, which can then easily be sent over the Internet via the tablets built in Wi-fi connectivity.

As it currently stands, there are no Windows 8 tablets that are under $200. Many people find the prospect of owning a Windows tablet a great idea, but when they check the price they become disappointed. This is because most tablets that run the Windows operating system are currently almost $500 in price. However, Intel have recently delivered news that could put a smile on a lot of peoples faces. The company have claimed that they are currently working on a device called an Atom Processor, that should help to double the computing power in modern devices. The Atom Processor is a small quad core component that will allow smaller devices the ability to have almost double the amount of power, and a longer battery life.

This Atom processor will be known as the ‘Bay Trail’ processor and will be included in all the latest laptops and tablets that run Windows 8 software. This inclusion will mean that tablet devices will drop down to $200 in price. These low cost tablets are likely to be ready as soon as the chip starts shipping. The $200 for a windows based tablet cannot come soon enough for many users, and will probably feature in a smaller tablet size. These new smaller sizes are becoming increasingly popular in recent times, what with the new iPad mini, and other smaller devices. As well as being able to handle all the processing of the larger devices, these smaller tablets are also easier to use on the move.

Top Tablets Under $200: Basic Tips

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tablet-tipsWe live in both a mobile and an information world; with the advent of the tablet computer we can enjoy both worlds together. Tablet style systems are the not only here to stay, but the way the computer industry is heading. With so many companies joining the tablet revolution push, customers now have options when deciding on the purchase of a tablet system. Major reviews sites such as LaptopMag and CNet offer excellent laptop reviews and sites like TabletNinja offer tablet review aggregation that can help ease the retail journey. Everyone wants to be able to buy the best available equipment, but in today’s economy the best of the best is not always an option. With companies like Google, ASUS, Acer, Samsung, Kindle and Nook competing for sales; affordable no longer means cheaply made or stripped down features.

Buying Tablets Under $200 for Linux Use

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If you would like to run Linux on your tablet, there are many great options at your disposal. You can even find many of these at affordable prices as well. Many consumers are surprised by the versatility of some of these different tablets out there. You can get great quality when you shop for Linux tablets under $200. You will simply need to take a look at the market and compare some of the different technical specs that you may see.

Tablets Under $200 Features

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In the past, no one would expect to buy any type of new desktop computer or mobile device for an exceptional low deep discounted price. However, as manufacturers are releasing new models of computers and electronics on a regular basis, people can find quality Internet tablets under $200. Due to the stiff competition in this industry, many manufactures are trying to gain additional market share by beating their competition’s price.

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